Aikatsu! - Masquerade - Theme - Lyrics

Aikatsu! - Masquerade - Theme - Lyrics

Aikatsu ep16-6

The new duo

Masquerade is a Top Idol unit as seen in Aikatsu!

Aikatsu masqueradeEdit

A top idol unit of Miya and Hime which disbanded about 20 years before the story. Their top achievement comes from their movie Stylish Thief☆Swallowtail. Hime is curently the Starlight Academy Headmistress, Orihime Mitsuishi. But after their final concert, Miya didn't take off her mask to reveal who she is. Later on, it has been revealed in Episode 47 that Miya is Ichigo's mother, Ringo Hoshimiya.

Orihime and Ringo formed this unit after their success on an audition. Hime, coming from a high-class family didn't want to reveal who she was during the auditions. So she used a mask to cover her eyes.

When Ringo came to an audition and found the mask, she was led straight to Orihime and explained how deeply moved she felt by Orihime's singing, so she had wished to come and sing with her. With that in mind, Orihime decided to make an unit with her.

The reason why they disbanded was to focus on their futures, Ringo stated Orihime got a contract to be Starlight Academy's Headmistress, while she wished to open her own bento shop.

After Hoshimiya Ichigo daughter of Ringo A.K.A Miya performed with current top idol Kanzaki Mizuki they found miya's mask and they remebered Masquerade and how Ichigo had inherited top model qualities. They talked about how they wanted to spend their idol life and formed the next generation of Masquerade unit.


  • Hoshimiya Ichigo
  • Kanzaki Mizuki


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