Aikatsu - Mizuki Kanzaki - Move On Now

Aikatsu - Mizuki Kanzaki - Move On Now



Kanzaki Mizuki is one of the main characters in the Aikatsu! She is a Starlight Academy student. She was also the founder and leader of Tristar.


Kanzaki was the top student at Starlight Academy, priding herself on her ability and the top idol, nationwide. She always has an elegant smile which everyone else admires. Mizuki is the number one idol and the role-model of all top idols. She started off as an elementary model then mysteriously disappeared from the public for a whole year and came back as a top idol in Starlight Academy. During that time, she did intensive training and pushed herself to work her hardest because of her lack of ability. Mizuki doesn't show her hard-working side to many people and is thought of as a genius. She is highly idolised by Ichigo and inspired her to work even harder. As of Episode 28, she has her own brand designed after her image, Love Queen. Mizuki has the red stage even though it looks like she has the pink.

As of episode 33 in the anime adaption, she announced that she was selecting two members for her new idol group,Tristar, where she was the first member. In the end, she selected Kaede Ichinose and Ran Shibuki as the second and third members respectively. Although, in Episode 37, Ran Shibuki quit Tristar to join Soleil. However, on Episode 39, both the units were merged into STAR☆ANIS temporaily for their summer tour. The STAR☆ANIS group there had their respective live debut on Episode 41.


Mizuki Kanzaki has purple hair which is held between a light blue and white head band and purple eyes she is said to be extremely beautiful. She is usually seen in her Starlight Academy uniform.