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Hoshimiya Ringo is a minor character seen exclusively in the anime, Aikatsu!
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Ringo Hoshimiya is Raichi and Ichigo's mother. At her home, she runs a Bento shop. She currently supports Ichigo with her dream into becoming an idol. She used to be worried that her own dream was influenced onto Ichigo and wanted Ichigo to do something else she wanted to do. When Raichi told her that Ichigo wanted to be an idol, Ringo knew that she was in the way of Ichigo's dream and told Ichigo to do what she truly desires. It was hinted in several episodes that Ringo may have been part of an idol group known as Masquerade. However, it was never confirmed until Episode 47, when she removed her mask. Now it has actually been revealed that she is Miya from the legendary idol duo, Masquerade


She is a Red-headed woman who looks about 30-40.


Ringo is displayed as an easygoing person. She is also very caring towards her family.